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Treasury Technology


panelWith the right technology, Treasury can be the nerve center of your organization. The appropriate technology not only enables you to better conduct day-to-day operations, it also empowers you to answer strategic questions and provide insightful business analysis.

Do you have a vision for your treasury technology? Where do you start? What systems are available and which ones are right for you? How will your needs change as you grow?

Treasury Strategies offers the expertise to guide you through these and other questions in a customized, on-site workshop. The outcome is your technology roadmap, incorporates:

  • Your treasury needs
  • Your technology vision
  • Implementation considerations
  • Budget considerations
  • Roll-out plan


binocularsYou’ve determined you need to move forward with a technology solution. But how do you define the ROI? How much will it cost? What are the benefits?

We can help you make your strongest case by demonstrating clear quantitative and qualitative benefits that justify the technology investment. Treasury Strategies’ experts know exactly what it takes to build a successful business case.

Every business case we’ve developed has been approved — every time.

Put our track record to work for you.


conversationEffective processes, clean workflows and a clear understanding of your goals are the foundation of a successful technology deployment. It’s critical to do these things well or you risk automating processes that don’t work or buying a system that doesn’t meet your needs.

Our veteran technology team at Treasury Strategies will develop a comprehensive list of needs based on a detailed examination of your functional requirements and technology requirements, workflows, data flows and priorities.

Based on your needs and goals, we’ll recommend changes to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Strengthen controls
  • Enhance reporting
  • Ensure optimal connectivity and configuration


businessman-5Your organization already has treasury technology, but perhaps it’s not accomplishing enough and your staff is forced to compensate.

It’s time to decide — fix your system or start over with a new one. The Treasury Strategies team can help you assess system gaps and determine which option makes most sense.

Our team will:

  • Identify current platform gaps
  • Determine whether current platform can be upgraded to close gaps
  • Assess cost of bringing in a new systems
  • Compare your needs to the capabilities of your current platform


laptop-2Vendor selection can be time-consuming and confusing.  It can be tough to differentiate the steak from the sizzle; to wade through the customization versus configuration debate; in order to find meaningful points of vendor differentiation.

Treasury Strategies’ veteran team has been through this process many times. We know the ropes and will help you:

  • Define and prioritize business and IT requirements
  • Ensure potential vendors meet those requirements
  • Manage the RFP process
  • Develop demonstration scripts and facilitate vendor presentations
  • Advise on negotiations

We have experience and depth across an array of technology systems, including:

  • Treasury Management Systems
  • ERP Treasury modules
  • Risk Management and Analytics Systems
  • Online Trading Platforms & Portals
  • FX Software
  • Debt & Investment Systems


settings-gearsThere’s more customization than you thought. Original timelines aren’t being met. Insufficient budget. Staff just doesn’t have enough time. IT got pulled in a different direction. The project manager isn’t managing. Not enough resources. There’s no better example of Murphy’s Law than a technology implementation.

Treasury Strategies is the solution.

Our experienced technology team will guide you through implementation. We’ll help you avoid pitfalls, mediate among different parties and keep the project on time. We assist with:

  • Project management
  • Process design
  • System configuration
  • Testing
  • Report development
  • Go-live planning
  • System documentation

Put our comprehensive experience to work to guarantee your successful outcome.


networking-8SWIFT for Corporates is efficient yet complex. It can provide substantial value to both treasury and business operations. But how do you quantify its benefits, leverage it and deploy it?

Treasury Strategies’ expert technology team will help you:

  • Identify your potential benefits with SWIFT
  • Integrate SWIFT with your technology architecture
  • Create a business case
  • Plan and design SWIFT deployment
  • Implement SWIFT, including bank interfaces

We are the first firm in the Americas — and one of only a few organizations worldwide — to achieve a SWIFTReady certification.

Our accreditation and unsurpassed experience can help you maximize SWIFT’s benefits.

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