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Treasury Assessments


magnifying-glassYour organization could be performing at a sub-par level, and you might not even realize it. Alternatively, you could be missing opportunities to better support lines of business.

In the treasury diagnostic review process, we identify ways to reduce costs, increase returns and minimize risks. Our experts are skilled at identifying opportunities in your treasury function, from idle bank balances to large, unhedged exposures to ineffective liquidity management.

Treasury Strategies’ clients typically realize benefits worth many times the cost of the treasury diagnostic review.

Our team will assess your operation across more than 200 industry benchmarks in multiple areas:

  • Transaction processing: collections and disbursements
  • Policies and procedures
  • Internal controls and reporting metrics
  • Staffing and organization
  • Banking structure and services
  • Liquidity management processes and controls
  • Interest rate and FX hedging programs
  • Use of technology

We can also conduct an assessment of specific functional areas:

  • Debt and investment
  • Cash management
  • Internal controls
  • Liquidity management
  • Working capital management
  • Treasury management


networking-12Structuring treasury operations to meet your company’s business needs is critical in troubled times and when planning for growth. How many staff does treasury need? What arrangement of resources by location will work best? What reporting structure should you use? In the event of a disaster, how will treasury functions continue?

Our decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the treasury field help you answer these questions. Treasury Strategies will assist in determining your:

  • Optimal headcount and staffing model
  • Proper roles and responsibilities
  • Best organizational structure
  • More effective backup procedures

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