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Treasury System Implementation: When Success is Your Only Option

Your treasury group is about to take on something big: a new, comprehensive technology platform. Your team has done a good job of selection, and they’re excited to get it going. It’s time to implement!

We know only one or two stories of utterly failed implementations – but many about significant delays, budget overruns, and staffing challenges. And lots of companies will tell you, they didn’t realize the full potential of what they set out to accomplish.

At Treasury Strategies, we’ve implemented successfully dozens of times. We’ve seen problems from all directions and we’ve developed good ways to avoid them or head them off at the pass. We know how to get to “great” instead of just “done” – by focusing on three critical implementation activities:

  • Managing your project professionally
  • Realistically estimating resources
  • Understanding your vendor’s role
Treasury Strategies

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