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Treasury Strategies’ Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ – October 2013

Billions in corporate bonds come due next year in Europe and elsewhere. Will companies use their historic level of cash to pay them off or will they roll it over? In the US, the Fed has backed away from “tapering” and continues to depress rates across the spectrum. What do these developments and other factors mean for global cash management in 2014?

Tune in for Treasury Strategies’ Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ on Thursday, October 10 to hear more about how Corporate Treasurers around the world are dealing with these issues.

You’ll also hear insights from our expert panel including Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), Federated Investors, and Fitch Ratings, who will shed more light on the implications for our industry, and on corporate cash levels in the US, UK, and Eurozone.

Sponsors & Panel Participants
•  Martin O’Donovan, FCT, Deputy Policy & Technical Director – Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)
•  Deborah A. Cunningham, CFA, Chief Investment Officer – Federated Investors
•  Roger Merritt, Managing Director – Fitch Ratings

Treasury Strategies’ Speakers & Panel Moderators
•  Tony Carfang, Partner
•  Monie Lindsey, Managing Director

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