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Treasury Strategies’ Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ – April 2016

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Take cover! Driving factors are forcing corporate treasurers to act in 2016.

Please join the largest and longest-running conversation on corporate cash decisions in the financial industry. Our upcoming Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ will include a discussion of corporate treasury priorities and a review of key data supporting any economic or policy changes.

Topics we will discuss include :

  • Treasury Priorities: What has changed?
  • Drivers: What is forcing corporate treasurers to take action?
  • Economic Policy
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Market Dynamics
  • Geopolitical Events

Our panel, including the Association of Corporate Treasurers, Federated Investors, and Fitch Ratings, will conclude with a discussion on what is driving these issues facing corporate treasury.

Panel Participants & Institutional Partners

• Peter Matza, Engagement Director – Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)
• Deborah A. Cunningham, CFA, Chief Investment Officer – Federated Investors
• Roger Merritt, Managing Director – Fitch Ratings

Treasury Strategies’ Speakers & Panel Moderators

• Anthony Carfang, Partner
• Kevin Ruiz, Principal

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