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Treasury Strategies’ Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ – April 2014

Last week, the Federal Reserve reported 4th quarter corporate cash balances of $1.98 trillion  – a 4% increase over 3rd quarter and a 43% increase since the 4Q 2008.

Join Treasury Strategies and our distinguished panel of experts for our Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing on Wednesday, April 2.  We will discuss the latest trends in corporate cash levels across the US, UK and Eurozone, the drivers of those trends, the impact of regulation, and the implications for cash holdings and liquidity management for the market and your company. 

Sponsors & Panel Participants
• Martin O’Donovan, FCT, Deputy Policy & Technical Director – Association of
Corporate Treasurers (ACT)
• Susan Hill, Vice President and Portfolio Manager – Federated Investors
• Ian Rasmussen, Senior Director of Funds – Fitch Ratings

Treasury Strategies’ Speakers & Panel Moderators
• Anthony Carfang, Partner
• Edmonia Lindsey, Managing Director

Click here to download the presentation.

Click here to access the recording.

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