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Response to Moody’s Investors Service Report, “Weekly Credit Outlook: US Money Market Funds”

On Monday, July 2, 2012, Moody’s Investors Service issued a report, “Weekly Credit Outlook: US Money
Market Funds.” The report discussed the potential impact of several Money Market Fund reform proposals currently under consideration by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Treasury Strategies believes Moody’s report reaches an incorrect conclusion.

The gravity of these potential regulations and magnitude of their impact underlines the importance of presenting the facts accurately, in the proper context and without spin. Thus, we responded to Moody’s and later shared our response with the commissioners of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Read the full response letter.

Reports Referenced in the Letter:

Proposed Capital Requirement for Money Market Funds: A Disaster on All Fronts
by Treasury Strategies

The Investor’s Perspective: How individual and institutional investors view money market mutual funds and current regulatory proposals designed to change money funds
by Fidelity Asset Management

Money Fund Regulations: The Voice of the Treasurer
by Treasury Strategies

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