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The Future of Lockbox in a World of Evolving Payments

After years of highly popular live events at major industry conferences, “The Future of Lockbox” panel discussion is coming to a browser near you! Join Paul Diegelman, senior vice president of TransCentra as the session moderator, with insight and commentary from Dave Wexler, principal at Treasury Strategies, Robert Mancini, analyst at Celent, and the heads of Receivables Product Management for two leading US banks at 2:00 p.m. ET on September 10, 2013 as they peer into the “Future of Lockbox in a World of Evolving Payments” during a live webinar. These leading experts will discuss the changing landscape of lockbox amid continued paper volume declines, shifting business models, changing USPS mail patterns, e-payments, and the introduction of new service offerings for driving revenue such as emerging data management tools, innovative delivery models, and more.

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