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Building the Business Case for Paperless Treasury

In a survey conducted by Treasury Strategies, banks of all sizes confirmed their greatest pain point was the delay caused by the use of paper in the implementation process for corporate customers.

Join WAUSAU Financial Services and Treasury Strategies in a webinar as they discuss key reasons why paperless onboarding should be on every bank’s 2015 project list.

What would onboarding look like if paper were removed from the equation? For starters, it can speed up the implementation process by at least 35%, ridding Treasury of manual, paper-intensive processes, ultimately cutting costs, accelerating revenue, and dismissing everyday compliance pains.

As bank projects go through the investment review, there are few opportunities that can keep pace with the level of regulatory, cost savings and revenue scrutiny required for funding approvals; paperless treasury is one of them.

Tune in with speakers Joe Pitzo, Vice President, Paperless Enterprise Solutions, at WAUSAU and Dave Robertson, Partner, Financial Services at Treasury Strategies, and you will:

  • Discover what corporate customers are expecting from their banks in the onboarding process, and why 50% of corporations surveyed are dissatisfied with implementation times.
  • Learn how a streamlined onboarding process has a positive effect on future sales.
  • Improve both the implementation process and your customer satisfaction ratings by deploying new technology to onboard clients (e.g., self-service tools, electronic documents and signatures, iPad/tablet applications, etc.).
  • Uncover how electronic onboarding enhances compliance, improves expense control, and accelerates new revenue generation.
  • Obtain insights to the business case for paperless treasury onboarding, how this investment exceeds its ROI threshold and how more banks are getting funding approval.

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