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Earnings Credit Rates Rise at Uneven Pace

Treasury Strategies, a division of Novantas, Inc. released its 3rd quarter ECR benchmarks to NDepth Bank Fee Analysis clients recently. The surprising results showed some unusual patterns overall as well as striking differences between U.S. money center and regional banks.


New Legislation Would Turn Back the Clock on MMF Regulation

A host of political and procedural hurdles may have slowed the momentum for across-the-board rollbacks in Obama-era nancial regulations that were promised early in the Trump administration. Nonetheless, some money-market-fund industry observers hope the momentum will be regained at least enough to help push through bipartisan legislation introduced recently both in the U.S. Senate and


Optimize Your Forecasting: Improving the Crystal Ball

The U.S. economy has just emerged from a long zero-rate era, and is now in what will undoubtedly be several years of gradual rate increases. This intensifies the importance of a good cash position forecast.