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New rules, low rates push European companies into risky investments

European firms squeezed by low interest rates are having to consider new, riskier ways to manage trillions in corporate cash as they are snubbed by banks awash in new regulation that may also spell the demise of their go-to investment funds. In order to protect and grow their companies’ money and ensure it is easily


The New Normal

With transaction banks in a state of global change, what is the impact for corporates? The transaction banking market is in an ongoing state of flux, as new entrants join the market, some traditional players depart and the biggest global transaction banks completely restructure their operations. Driven by global banking market change-from continuous growth and


SEC Approves Tighter Money-Fund Rules

U.S. regulators approved rules intended to prevent a repeat of an investor exodus out of money-market mutual funds during the financial crisis, addressing one of the biggest unresolved issues from the 2008 meltdown. Cathy Gregg, a partner at Chicago-based Treasury Strategies, a consultant to institutional clients that use money funds, said she expects an initial


U.S. Corporate Cash Jumps to All-Time Record

Bolstered by one of its largest quarterly increases on record, cash held by corporations in the U.S. rose by over 6% in the third quarter.  Corporate cash now stands at $1.925 trillion, up from $1.811 trillion at the end of June. Treasury Strategies’ analysis of data released this week by the Federal Reserve showed that


Calculators Offered to “Drive Discussion” with the SEC

LaRock told MMI that it is important for people to use the calculators to arrive at implementation-cost projections for a switch to VNAV MMFs and then communicate with the SEC. “This is not a topic people should be passive about. They should accept the SEC’s invitation to comment on this.” Money Market Insight 13mmi08.pdf


Few Large U.S. Firms have Cyprus Units

Nonetheless, corporate cash should be well protected from harm, even for companies that have operations in the country, according to Tony Carfang, a partner with Treasury Strategies. The largest multinationals typically have what’s known as a pan-European pooling structure, by which they move euros on a daily basis into one large European bank, or perhaps


All Eyes on Cash

The push to improve cash-flow forecasts as companies gain visibility and push out their time frames. Companies that want to fine-tune their forecasts can turn to technology for help, and there are signs that they’re increasingly willing to do so. While businesses have been reluctant to untie the purse strings for such projects in recent


Cash Keeps Building at U.S. Companies

However, U.S. companies are not alone in holding sizable amounts of cash, since the trend is also clear among European companies, according to Anthony Carfang, a partner and director at consultancy Treasury Strategies. “It’s not as if a couple of corporate treasurers have said, ‘Hey, let’s hoard cash,” Carfang said during a briefing earlier this


Webinar on Healthcare Treasury: Strategies That Add to the Bottom Line

Through our work with leading healthcare systems, Treasury Strategies developed an effective plan to help treasury departments achieve significant savings by properly aligning processes, practices and technology to achieve peak performance. This webinar session establishes a framework through which hospital treasury systems can gain $1 million of savings on an annual basis. Mike Gallanis, Paul