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Account Analyses: Starting Point for Good Bank Management

Click here to download the presentation.
Click here to access the recording.

During this 30-minute event we’ll discuss how taking control of your account analysis statements will help you:

  • Oversee account activity and funds flow
  • Allocate “wallet” for maximum impact
  • Respond to variances
  • Incorporate best practices and benchmark pricing
  • Use balances / deposits effectively
  • Automate manual activities judiciously – with almost no effort on your part!

You’ll also learn how NDepth – Treasury Strategies’ new bank fee analysis solution -easily lets you sum up or drill down through various data sets across banks to
more easily manage bank relationships, and focus bank discussions on factors such as quality of service, and use of cost effective services!

For a limited time, we are offering a free 1-year subscription to this U.S. bank oriented service. After our 30-minute discussion, we’ll keep the line open for questions!

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